Gas Line Installation and Repair

Residential and Commercial Gas Installation and Repair - Long Island New York

Want to replace your old electric stove with a gas stove? Don't have an existing gas line in your home and want one installed safely and efficiently? Whether summer is coming up and you want to be able to have backyard barbeques, or you want to add a fireplace to your home to keep you warm for the winter, Hilltop Plumbing can professionally install a new gas line for you today!

Many appliances now use natural gas such as patio heaters, gas cooking equipment and gas fireplaces. If you're tired of having to constantly replace your propane tank for your grill, consider getting a new gas line installed. This will save you time and energy of going out to buy new tanks, and could even save you money. For avid cooks, replacing your electric stove with a gas stove will improve your temperature regulation, and make sure you continue to have something to cook on even when the power is out (just use a match). If you already have a main gas line in your Long Island home or business and just want to add an appliance, we can install a drop from the mainline for you in no time.

We specialize in gas line istallation for all residential and commercial gas applications, including:

  • Gas ovens and stoves
  • Gas grills
  • Gas pool heaters
  • Gas water heaters / boilers
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Gas generators
  • Gas rooftop heating units
  • Hanging heaters
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